Just checking in, I have been ever so quiet, mainly trying to digest the latest news and take some time out to work through some 2021 goals and plans. The news can be quite a lot can't it? I decided to hold off sending anything out before now, I felt that extra information, reminders and bombardment from my end was unnecessary, it didn't feel right or natural, you know? I haven't felt like I have had much to say, in all honesty I still don't really.  We have been here before, we know how it works and I would sound like a stuck record so I will spare you the recap of the news, I am sure you have figured out where we fit into it.
Anyway, this message was mainly just to say hello. I hope you are all managing to find some little pockets of joy in the simple things at the moment and if you aren't, that is OK too, someday soon this will all be a distant memory.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and continues to do so, whether that has been buying vouchers, candles, joining in our raffles, your regular beauty appointments or by reaching out to us to say hello and letting us know will be back when you can. Everybody has a different situation and this last year has been difficult for so many in so many different ways, to know that you are thinking of us warms our hearts. We are hopefully on the home run now and we look forward to brighter days to come.
Oh, also, whilst I am here, please don't pick your gels off, I will link the video on my stories that I made last year explaining how to remove safely, I hoped it wouldn't be needed again but here we are.

You can purchase gel removal kits from www.peacci.co.uk, if you use my code SAHARASUN at the checkout you will get 10% off and I receive a small commission. I have also seen some gel removal kits knocking about on the middle aisles in Aldi (standard). Whichever works for you, all I ask is please remove them safely so that we can preserve those lovely nails and when the time is right we can get them prepped and pretty again, probably with some gorge new spring colours. ❤

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