A Lazy Girl's Guide To Summer



Summer is around the corner, panic stations, why did nobody warn us sooner? We have all been there, temperatures are increasing and our chances to hide under baggy jumpers is decreasing (hopefully). Here is my lazy girls (that's me) guide to appear summer ready and sassy in no time.

  • Tan yourself skinny - whether  you like to fake it or bake it, bronzed skin can give you some summer confidence and it's a well known fact (ish) that a tan can knock a stone off... right? (ok maybe a few lbs.. whatevs)
  • Gel Pedicure - weather you are a DIY diva or a professional Pedi prinny don't get caught out this summer. I won't lie.. I have been the girl in the past to paint the three visible toes in peep toes and then wanted to cry when i have had to take the shoes off. Save yourself the embarrassment and invest in a gel Pedi, it is scientifically proven (that is a lie) that gel toes could survive a nuclear explosion. Just because it is 4 degrees today does by no means mean that tomorrow will not be 25degrees (how very British) and hey... even if it rains all summer at least your toes will look pretty ... you can't lose.
  • Long t-shirt dress - OK, so your leg and underarm wax is a week overdue and your therapist can't fit you in until next week, shaving leaves  you smooth  for about 37 seconds (literally).. the sun is out and all your friends are heading to a beer garden, fear not, a long t-shirt dress is your new best friend. Team it with some sandals or even your fave converse and voila. Maybe just plan your waxing slightly earlier next time. It can be our hairy little secret.
  • Bold lips - the perfect secret weapon for fooling everyone into thinking you made an effort. Perfect for that last min BBQ invite, slap your make up on and team with a strong lip colour (red is my go to colour) and you are good to go.
  • Salt spray - I have never been somebody to spend hours doing my hair, so much so I lobbed it all off a few years ago (long blunt bob)... I am a fan of the messy summer waves look and felt like all of my Christmases had come at once when I discovered salt spray. Literally just wash your hair, towel dry and spray the magic mist, scrunch and leave it.

So, when you see me this summer looking bronzed in my t-shirt dress with wavy hair and a red lip... don't be fooled... and also don't judge me...at least my toes are glittery!

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