A Lazy Girl's Guide To Lipstick: Super Stay or Stay Away?

A question that I get asked a lot is how I keep my lipstick in place for so long, so here are a few tips and some products that I swear by.    

I have compared a few different 'long wear' lipsticks that I am a fan of and also tried a few new ones to see if I need to spread my wings a little (okay that's a lie... I am just addicted to lipstick and wanted an excuse to buy more). Red lipstick is my absolute fave, I feel naked without it, so the lipsticks I have compared are all red, I thought that would be a good way to do a genuine comparison and they are slightly different shades of red (I swear).

Preparation is key - Some of the long wear lipsticks can be quite dry on the lips, so it is important to prep the lips before putting the lipstick on. You wouldn't just slap paint on a wall before prepping it (okay maybe you would but lets pretend). I put a lip balm on about 20 minutes before applying my lipstick, this way my lips are nice and moist (hate that word) but the balm has soaked in enough to not affect the application process. Some lip balms I love are Elizabeth Arden 8 hour and Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm. It is also important to line the lips with a similar colour to the lipstick, then gently fill in the lips with the same lip liner, this gives you a guide to work inside of and also gives a base for the lipsticks to adhere to.

Don't top it up - If your lipstick does start to come off during the day, it is better to just wipe it off and start again (slightly annoying). If you load more product on it tends to just flake.

Buy cheap, buy twice - From trying out a few different lipsticks it definitely seems that you do get what you pay for, but if you decide to invest in a good lippy then I do think it will save you in the long run as there is less need for reapplication. General rule of thumb with a lot of make up, in my opinion, is 'buy cheap buy twice'.

Fasten lids tightly - You may notice as you get two thirds of the way through 'long wear' lipsticks that they aren't lasting as long as when you first bought them, or that they feel dry and flaky... Chances are too much air has got in. Make sure you fasten the lids tightly. I don't think the issues I mentioned above can be fully avoided, but it might get you a few more goes.

Here are five lipsticks, all different budgets so something for everyone.

Just to let you know, this page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Lord & Berry Timeless - £15 - Feels velvety, minimal cup transfer, no gaps after lunch, wore for full work day, looked a bit patchy when I was wiping it off, but this is after 10 hours of wear. First use of bottle is as good as the last, doesn't dry up in the bottle. Can be purchased here.


Mac retro matte liquid lipstick - £18 - Feels light when it's first applied, wore for full work day, slight cup transfer but doesn't affect appearance. Starts to feel slightly sticky later on in the day (blotting on a tissue usually helps), but still looks okay. Can be purchased here.

Maybelline Superstay - £8.99 - Feels sticky until the top coat is on, so this lipstick isn't ideal if you are looking for a matte look. Stays in place pretty well, transfers onto the cup slightly but doesn't affect appearance. It needed to be re-applied after lunch as the whole middle area of my lips had worn off, not so bad on natural colour lipsticks, but reds are unforgiving. The 'after' picture is at the end of the day, so had been worn from lunchtime until about 8:30pm. Can be purchased here.


NYX Liquid Suede - £7 - Feels quite 'lipsticky' (if that is a thing). Does transfer onto cup, so need to take care that you use the same part of cup to drink from. Most 'normal' people probably don't need telling that, however I learned the hard way and ended up with it on my nose. I am so glamorous. Wears quite well, but I did need to reapply after lunch and then it lasted the rest of the day, so I didn't mind. I do like this one though, especially for £7, cant really complain. Can be purchased here.

W7 full time lip - £5.95 - Feels really sticky when applied and felt like I needed two coats to fully cover the lips. It didn't even last one hour before I wiped it off, I didn't even get an 'after' photo (sorry!), the only way I can describe how I felt wearing it is...erm...claustrophobic. I know it sounds weird and maybe a tad dramatic but it's the truth. lolz. So, not sure if you gathered... I would give this one a miss (but if you really want one, you can purchase here!). 


You can probably tell which are my faves from my little synopsis of each, but if not, here is my summary: 

If you are on a budget or are new to the lipstick world and fancy being brave with a red, I would go with the NYX Liquid Suede. If you are feeling fancy pants and want to treat yo'self I would go for the Lord and Berry Timeless!

Thanks for reading,

Chloé x


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