We are back! Yay! Important information, please read before visiting.

Important information below, please read before visiting. We are ready to welcome you back and have implemented new safety measures. Please note under the most recent guidelines we are unable to carry out any facial treatments including waxing, lashes and facials. Permitted treatments include; nails, pedicures, body massage, body waxing and sunbeds. If you present any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has please rearrange appointments.


A lot of planning and preparation has gone into our re-opening and we cannot wait to have you back. There will be some things that will seem like an obvious change to you but there are lots of little things that will be implemented that on the face of things you may not notice too much, this has been intentional. We want to keep you all safe whilst still allowing you to come in and enjoy your experience with us. I have spent a lot of time over lockdown researching our options for a safe re-open, so please know that all the decisions that have been made are with you in mind and personal to our salon and the space we work in. We are very lucky that we have a good amount of floor space so that spreading clients out around the salon and still being able to maximize our appointment time within our working hours are possible. I have carried out a full risk assessment of the salon space and services and put in place the procedures necessary to keep us all safe. Here is a list of some of the things you can expect when we re-open, as this is a new way of working for us all these will be being monitored on a daily basis and amended where required.

  • We will be wearing masks or visors and gloves for your treatments. Disposable gloves will be thrown away after every client. I have opted for re-usable masks as using a lot of disposable products is not good for the environment. We would prefer that you wear a face covering also, if you do not bring your own but would like one they are available in salon for a small fee.
  • Our desks have been spread around the salon which allows us to observe the 1m+ rule between clients. Due to the nature of our industry this isn't possible between therapist and client but we can limit your contact with other people during your visit. We have installed hygiene screens on nail bars and at reception.
  • The waiting area has been taken out for the meantime so we please ask that you arrive at your appointment on time and ALONE. We will now be running a strict maximum capacity and are unable to accommodate extra bodies in the salon. If you are early you may be asked to wait outside if we are at capacity and if you arrive late your appointment may be cut short or rearranged.
  • We know you all love our brews and biscuits but we have decided to not offer refreshments in the first few weeks, this will be monitored and when we decide it is safe to do so we will get this back up and running. You are welcome to bring your own drinks but please take waste away with you.
  • Disposable towels will now be used on each nail desk and changed between every client. We have opted for biodegradable to reduce our environmental footprint. Any other towels used will continue to be washed at a high heat. 
  • A fresh nail file will be used for every client. Once we have used the file on you, we will pop it in an envelope with your name on and it will only be taken out again at your next appointment. If you wish to take this nail file away with you and bring it back next time please ask your therapist. 
  • Beauty will be by appointment only, we ask that you make this appointment either over the phone or online. We do also make appointments through social media messaging but reply times may be longer due to therapists being busy. Please note that you may only be able to book an appointment up to 4/6 weeks ahead, this is a new way of working for us so I want to make sure that our new systems are being constantly monitored and amended if needed, so to do this I have only been able to open the book for 4/6 weeks. If you have any special requests such as appointments for weddings please let us know and we will work with you.
  • You will be sent a Covid consent form to fill in via email before your appointment, please fill this in and return it to us before arriving to your appointment.
  • When you arrive at your appointment you will be asked to wash your hands and sanitize, there will also be sanitizer outside of the salon for you to use before entry.
  • Our rotas have been arranged so that we have someone on reception at all times on rotation, this is so that all work areas can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in between each client, cleaning can be continuous through the day for things such as door handles, our capacity can be sufficiently monitored and also that staff aren't sharing the phone and computers too much and gives time for them to be cleaned between staff use. Please understand that this may mean an appointment with your usual therapist may not be available at your preferred time and whilst we will do everything we can to fit you in we also must share the load of other responsibilities between our small team.
  • Our sunbeds will be open. Reception will be manned at all times to serve you individually and safely. Rooms will be fully cleaned and disinfected between uses so wait times may be longer, we do ask that you also wipe down surfaces after use, this is to keep our staff safe. If there is someone being served at reception please wait outside until you are called. Tokens will be sanitised when emptied. If you are in a group please enter to be served one by one. 
  • Our retail products will still be available to purchase including the Owen Drew collection. As we will have a staff member on reception at all times, please ask for assistance. This is so that we can serve your you goodies and know which areas to sanitise afterwards.

Please understand that we have done everything we can at this time to keep everyone safe and will continue to do so, if there is anything you are unsure of please send an email to info@saharasunbeauty.co.uk and we will be happy to answer any questions. We are all in this together and all measures have been carefully considered with our salon and clients in mind and gone through with a fine tooth comb. 

We are so excited to be one big socially distanced Sahara Sun family again. 

Thank you for sticking with us, forever grateful. 

Chloé and the girls xx


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